The Artist
Without Expression I wouldn't be.
My favorite things in life are simple.
My son, art, photography, travel, animals, fashion, music and spicy food…. oh and freezing weather!
As a Designer…
I love the feeling of putting together a project that has eye catching imagery, beautifully set typography, high res. logos, a great color palette, arranged to utilize hierarchy as it should, all to create an aesthetically pleasing composition with a successful message.
As a traveller with a camera…
A few years ago, around 2017 I told myself that I can’t wait any longer to set out to travel the world and once that entered my mind, I’ve been on the go ever since and the journey has just begun.
Traveling is life changing for me… Exploring, experiencing, being inspired, learning and being able to capture my journey through photography… There’s no other feeling like it.
I hope through all avenues of my work you are able to see a story and experience something unique, because my heart is in it all.
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